5 Savvy Tips for Decorating a Small Space on a Budget

You don’t care that your home is small, you still want the place to have style. You are ready to decorate a small space, and you want to be able to do that without spending a ton of money. There are ways that you can bring a lot of style to a small space without overspending.

Think Small When Decorating a Small Space

When you are decorating and you do not have a lot of space for the decor that you are setting up, look for mini versions of everything that you would like to use. Instead of a large floor plant, look for a small desk plant that you can use in that space. Instead of a large canvas wall hanging, look for a small framed picture that you can set up in the space. Choose the smaller version of every decor piece that you are picking out. Smaller pieces tend to be more affordable than larger pieces, too.

Use Stringed Lights

You can find low priced lights that you can use when you are decorating a small space. There are stringed lights that you can use on walls, along the ceiling, and on shelves, to bring a little magic to the space that you are decorating. These types of lights do not take up a lot of space, but they do add a lot to the area where you get them set up. You should invest in a string of lights when you have a small space that you want to make beautiful.

Use Decor Pieces You Already Have Around When Decorating a Small Space

If you are tight on space and cash, you should look for decor pieces that you already have in your home and repurpose them. You should look for pieces that you have been using in one area in your home and move them to a new area. This is the most cost-effeective thing you can do when decorating, and it will help you save space, overall, too.

Stick with One or Two Colors

You do not want to throw together a ton of colors when you are decorating a small area. When you are working on pulling together a small space, stick with one or two colors for the majority of the decor that you put out. The simpler that you keep things, the better that everything will look when you have finished decorating.

Get Advice – and Maybe Even Free Decor Pieces – from Friends

Look to your friends for advice when you are decorating your space. They will probably be happy to share their thoughts on everything that you are doing. They may even have pieces that they will share with you that they are not using anymore. Ask your friends if they would like to come over and help you figure out what to do with your small space.

You can make any space beautiful, and you do not have to spend a ton of money to do that.